PhysioPilates is a rehabilitation course for individuals who may not feel comfortable in a regular ‘mass’ setting due to limitations, injuries or any other concern such post-pregnancy.

Taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist in a small and informal setting (8-12 students), the class is particularly suitable if you feel you require additional professional support, adjustments or simply the company of others similar to yourself.

The origins of the course stems from the experience that while physiotherapy advice is helpful to relieve symptoms and help individuals improve, ongoing movement and exercise are essential to maintain and ensure continued progress. This is a fundamental part of physiotherapy, and practitioners develop exceptional expertise in how exercise and training can be used for rehabilitation and to improve various injuries over time. The course leverages this maxim to allow students to continue rehabilitation or simply to improve in a class led by an experienced instructor.

PhysioPilates use mat-based exercises designed with a core and body-weight focus to develop and improve balance and coordination as well as strength. The course target the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve overall central core stability and posture which in turn can help with injuries and help with long-term management of various musculoskeletal issues. The wide variety of exercises, with progressive levels, ensures that the course is suitable for all levels and ages. In PhysioPilates, the main emphasis is on strength, endurance and balance.

PhysioPilates is designed combining the clinical knowledge of a physiotherapist with the experience of a Clinical Pilates instructor in order to create a course that will consider your injuries, lifestyle and rehabilitation goals. The aim is to provide you with a strategy to maintain your well-being and ensure a strength-based exercise regime that can help you progress.

During a PhysioPilates course, an initial assessment of your injuries and/or lifestyle is used to create a safe and effective class suited for you needs. You will also receive an individual programme, designed according to your requirements, to practise in between each class session.

The course is suitable for individuals of all ages and with any and all rehabilitation needs as the small and informal setting allows for adjustments and alterations for each participant. The only requirement for the course is that you are able to move up and down from the floor unassisted. If you are unable to do this, the course can also be offered on a 1-2-1 basis as part of normal Physiotherapy treatments. As part of the terms and conditions, the course will be fully refunded up until 2 weeks prior to start at which point the course will be nonrefundable.

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