Pre & Postnatal

Pregnancy Classes & Hypnobirthing

DabbourPhysio offers classes designed for pre and postnatal women – Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates as well as a Postnatal class where you can bring your baby. DabbourPhysio also offers Comprehensive Antenatal Course / Hypnobirthing workshops through-out the year, focusing on helping you understand your birth better and prepare you for the experience.

  • The pregnancy Yoga and Pilates classes are for mothers of all ages at any trimester. The classes are designed using exercises from Yoga and Pilates, at your preference, in order to make a class that is safe, suitable and will keep you fit during your pregnancy. The exercises can also be tailored to help with any problems you may have such as back or hip pain or any other Women’s Health and pregnancy related issue.
  • The postnatal class utilises exercises suitable for new mothers and also allows you to bring your baby into the class – it is an relaxed setting where you can take your time and work to your own tempo as well as without worry if you have to take care of your baby. The class is structured around Yoga and Pilates exercises but also drawing from strength and conditioning work to allow for a class better suited for recovery and rehabilitation from having given birth.
  • The Comprehensive Antenatal Course / Hypnobirthing workshops are designed as evidence-led but informal classes that teach you and your partner about the physical and emotional aspects of birth. The class will help you both learn and understand how and why your bodies as well as your minds react during birth. The techniques that you learn will help you to stay relaxed when the baby is arriving and you can use them again with future births. The techniques work regardless of type of birth; be it a home, water, hospital birth or in a birthing unit. You can also use the techniques to help calm and relax yourself any time you feel stressed out. The course, with 3-5 couples in attendance, takes place over two days on a weekend. The dates and locations are confirmed on an ad-hoc basis as couples sign up so please get in touch for the next available workshop. Alternatively, the course can also be offered on an individual basis, with either one or two couples. This would take place in the convenience of your home and with greater flexibility regarding dates and time.

Regardless where you are in your pre or postnatal experience, we can help you with a class or workshop that suits your preferences.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you get in touch today.